Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Progress Tuesday 6th May 2014

Dear all
The unsung heroes, Fred & Iris, cleansed the Mess Hall and then went on to tend to our planters around Wirksworth Station and they are rightly featured today. Our scheduled services were well supported and thanks go to the train crew, booking halls at Wirksworth and Duffield together with the EVRA shop. They all gather much needed cash and leave our passengers with a good feeling that they are really welcome and valued that enables our enterprise to move forward and thrive.
They were also supported by the Pullman Buffet Car who entertained a further 24 happy Afternoon Tea customers and it was good to see Angela back in action after a difficult few weeks. It was a good indication of the railway family we have developed over our short history.
The VCT were out in force to continue with their clearance of the area north of Cemetery Lane bridge revealing and area between the upper and lower levels that I am sure could host a small terrace in the future. They also dealt with irritating new growth at the north end of the dust dock allowing good vistas of the Yard from Saturday's fun fair area.
The DST laboured on with Cathryn by removing the boiler support structure from the frames and renewing the firebars in No3.The dmu team were engaged in the preparations for Saturday's excitements and completed the sanding down of the east side of 50253. There was much stimming and mowing involving the Head of Security, Mick Kingsley and Anton to ensure we are as presentable as we can be for Saturday and Duffield reports further progress with seat painting.
All in all a very good sunny day.
PS - Being a little concerned about our neighbour south of the Duffield footbridge I can report that Rupert is alive and well but having to break into a sweat with his work commitments. Also attached is a masterpiece illustrating a really rural branch line supported by the unseen tasks of track patrolling and tree felling - I'm not sure whether I'm Stephen, Cecil or Lionel! http://youtu.be/0DCReU4Axr4