Thursday, 29 May 2014

Progress Thursday 29th May 2014

Dear all
A dreary wet day that had all the signs of being a failure in revenue terms but we were most pleasantly surprised by the volume of passengers which we suspect needed a venue in this half term week that sheltered them from the rain. I am most grateful, as ever, to the train crew, EVRA shop and Model Railway steward together with the Booking Halls and Pullman Buffet Car for making our guests welcome and taking a satisfactory amount of money from them.
Within Wirksworth Yard our Network Rail customers completed their Derailment Assessment course which also added to the Pullman Buffet Car's lunchtime take. We were taken aback by a fleet of Police cars with a request to go "on track" to hunt down a burglar who escaped onto our Railway. He or she must have been quite shocked by the amount of orange around our premises and decided an alternative course would be wise.
The PWT focused on signal post construction for the Shottle project and the Booking Hall at Wirksworth processed an unremitting succession of telephone reservations for Afternoon Teas and Station Master's VIP Pullman Luncheons.
Once again many thanks to the customer facing teams and a special mention for the Third Man who had an exhausting and wet day. The 1515 Duffield to Wirksworth had tail traffic in the form of a Brakevan that had been the radio shack over last weekend. This reflects something that was quite common years ago and is illustrated in the accompanying video.