Thursday, 15 May 2014

Progress Thursday 15th May 2014

Dear all
A lovely day that brought out a happy multiple painting activity. The roofs of the two Pullman Coaches and the EVRA Mark 1 vehicles had significant treatment to make them much more presentable and the first coat of gloss was applied to Iris after a late night yesterday when both Iris and 50253 had some roof painting. Many thanks to all concerned as we all know that the eyes are drawn to paint peeling off otherwise acceptable rolling stock - we will have the finest roofs in Great Britain!
The VCT neared the end of their splendid project north of Cemetery Lane transforming a former dank and dark area to one where the sun now shines down on the north end of the line. The PWT made strides into one half of the relocated crossover and today's photo shows the lesser spotted Birtwistle as part of the team. Tom kept our books prior to Angela taking over the task and hasn't been amongst us for a couple of years.
The dmu team commenced a the long process of giving 55006, the "bubble car", a "C" service and 51188 together with 51073 had battery isolating switches fitted. At Duffield the Boultbees had an impact with hanging baskets hung, planters planted, weeds weeded, the toilet block given a Spring clean and new posters displayed. All good stuff!
The Pullman Buffet had a steady stream of visitors and the Booking Hall gathered another silver steam experience. Mick Thomas looked after today's customer with yet another unusual machine which travelled rather slowly ensuring quite a long day for him.
PS - a short of the electrification vehicle and a the trials of one of our new dmus. Duffield to Wirksworth in five minutes.
PPS - the bar that is an intergral part of our rail bender - the Jim Crow - seems to have been gathered. If anyone has taken it or seen could they please step forward!