Sunday, 18 May 2014

Progress Report Sunday the 18th of May 2014

Dear all,

Another lovely sunny day here in the Peak. We pottered around with visitors and passengers, spreading some general happiness, and the last of our traction engine visitors chuffed off into the wide blue yonder.

Down the yard the Austerity received further paint; the EVRA SO received attention; railcar 55006 received its C exam and railcar 50253 received a replacement door pillar amongst much other forward progress.

Around the station JCB Purves had a wagon moment, followed by a tarmac moment, followed by a mowing moment. Indeed the mowing moment became a mowing afternoon courtesy of Trent Barton Mango Farmers, so at least the grass is only as high as the nellefants knees now, and the tarmac moment got as far as filling some potholes which have never been filled before in the length of our endeavour.

All the best,