Saturday, 24 May 2014

Progress Report Saturday 24th May 2014

Dear All,

Typical English bank holiday weather greeted us this morning on day one of the Wirksworth Carnival. Despite the grey skies and forecasts of tropical downpours our first service train was pleasantly busy resulting in a full to capacity incline service. Down the yard the LMSCA, DMU group and Oaks enterprises were duly engaged on their respective projects.

The Pullman Buffett was busy throughout the day as was the model railway. Today we sold a further 54 Station Master luncheons and the booking hall staff were extremely busy taking the resulting telephone bookings.

We played host to a number of visitors from near and far today. One visitor I chatted with was from Washington D.C. and worked for the US Government as a bank regulator. It's amazing the people you meet on the 13.53 train to Ravenstor!

Finally the sun came out this evening just in time for our first cheese and wine land cruise.

All the best