Friday, 30 May 2014

Progress Report Friday the 30th of May 2014

Dear all,

A largely pleasant day for pottering around with our Driver Experience guests. Down the yard Smiths Industries scrabbled away at the roof of the 8F group's support carriage. The LMSCA Senior Vice President
(Europe) carried on with preparing the operational SK for the summer season, with further work to make this carriage the best in our hauled fleet. The DMU team ate cake and looked at their parts. The PDLG carried on with the Siberian camouflage programme for the class 33.

Around the station the Foremen gave the Station Workshop a serious tidying up and deposited some assorted rusting bits in the skip and spare wood back in the wood store, before enjoying a short excursion to
far parts of the empire without a spade.

All the best,