Friday, 2 May 2014

Progress Report Friday the 2nd May 2014

Dear all,

A relatively peaceful sunny Friday apart from the phone wearing a hole in the desk. We entertained a number of Steam Driver Experience guests which gave the station an impression of activity.

Various intensive tasks took place to increase our readiness for the weekend including tidying up of the children's area; the creation of a
vast Aunty Wainwright Emporium in the Training Room and the replacement of antimaccassars in the units being used for the weekend. Can I remind train crew that litter should be removed from units prior to them being put away for the night.

Down the yard the newly motorised Smiths Industries was dealing with carriage roofs and the European Vice President of the LMSCA was finishing off the replacement of seats in the SK as well as removing light fittings for cleaning. Nearby, the Head of Signals and Telegraphs was cogitating the interlocking of levers for the multi-million pound resignalling scheme for Shottle.

The Station Foreman occupied himself in the saloon and the usual selection of road signs, timetables, maps were prepared for the excitement which is the Rocks and Rails Weekend. Would Booking Hall
Staff please make a note in the diary of any further bookings for Vince's walk on Monday. For those of you who may be bored on Monday, Vince Morris will be guiding a three hour walk "Rails and Quarries of Wirksworth" starting at 12.30 (£3 donation) from the station quad. Stout shoes or boots are advised as well as strong underwear. Oh sorry, it doesn't say strong underwear.

There will be two shorter guided walks around Steeple Grange approx 30-40 minutes by Robin Jeffcote at 12.00 and 14.00 from Ravenstor Station on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, no booking is required, just turn up.

All the best,