Friday, 23 May 2014

Progress Report Friday the 23rd of May 2014

Dear all,

A rather damp Wirksworth greeted us this morning, rather damp that is after a huge downpour yesterday which deposited an inch and a half of mud on the Booking Hall doorstep, all of which has had to be dug out and washed down, as well as large amounts of detritus the platform.

We hosted a Diesel Driver Experience and various things boggled through the station during the course of the day, including a sanded down class 33. In the yard, Smith's Industries scrabbled the roof of the 8F's support coach in preparation for yet another dose of coach roof painting. Painting also continued in the shed with the Met Cam receiving a further dose of greenery. One of the road-rail landrovers got a jolly good seeing to from Brassington Field and is once again nearly white.  The duff toilet handle in the Extra Ladies has been replaced and should be rather more resistant to ladies forceful flushing than its predecessor.

In the Booking Hall, the usual selection of pre-event tasks was fitted
between the ever ringing phone and a large wad of Amazon lunch bookings  was duly deposited in the buffet. The platform lines were hand weeded by
a convenient biker and the Duffield desptach box was filled with a vast selection of urgent items. Its collector tomorrow should lift it carefully in case of getting a surprise hernia.

All the best,