Friday, 16 May 2014

Progress Report Friday the 16th of May 2014

Dear all,

A wonderful sunny day saw us chuffing up and down with a number of Driver Experience guests. However, the sun brought out the painters and
things have been painted all over the empire including carriage roofs, railcars, walls, seats...

Much gardening and weeding was in evidence along the west embankment, also at Duffield and in hanging baskets. However, if anyone feels like some mowing, an extra pair of hands would be useful, the grass is as high as a nellefants eye, and we can't cut it fast enough.

The class 33 received routine maintenance and the Station Foreman had a poster session, as well as a tarmac session.

Late in the afternoon a number of traction engines appeared and these
will be starting a large chuff of their own tomorrow, leaving for Crich via Whatstandwell at 09.30.

All the best,