Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Progress Tuesday 29th April 2014

Dear all
As ever Tuesday was exceptionally busy on many fronts. The photos show the first stage in the grand project to install a crossover north of the former dust dock and the conversion of Phil's former office into the accountancy and catering suite. The PWT were out in force to commence the work needed to prepare Road 1 for the crossover pointwork and I am grateful to Anton for the floorpainting and Eric Hills for the expensive carpet for Angela's new residence.
Fred & Iris blessed the Mess Hall with their customary standards of cleanliness and Lesley the Lister was returned to good health through the good offices of Brian Ashley. The VCT continued their purge of vegetation north of the Cemetery Lane bridge with the aid of some shunting performed by the dmu team. Seven men present and two good fires achieved.
The LMSCA deviated from their Stanier vehicles to continue with reseating the BR Mark 1 SK and continue with dealing with the roofs of the EVRA Mark 1 vehicles. All this work designed to improve the presentation and appearance of our fleet. The DST laboured on with their efforts on Cathryn including a difficult task of releasing the firebox that seemed reluctant to part from the frames. They did feel at one stage the fitting of a small diesel engine and smoke machine may move the project forward. They also prepared Friday's driver experience locomotive for action.
Today's service was quite well supported and my thanks go to the train crews, evra shop, Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield together with the Pullman Buffet Car for making our passengers happy. The 18 customers for our Tea and Train product seem to have had a most enjoyable day. There were also repairs to the display wagon at Ravenstor undertaken.
A little of today's atmosphere http://youtu.be/mXTBGud57FY and Italy continues http://youtu.be/YH5u0f_QpDo