Friday, 3 January 2014

Progress Thurs 2nd Jan 2014

Hooray!! 2nd of Jan at last and it's down hill till the clocks go forward. Roll on summer.

Pway at Shottle again today moving the TSR South, clearing up the rest of the unused copings and regrading the unused part of Shottle platform - footings have been left intact so reconstruction can go ahead in the future if required.

LMSCA busy with more painting preparation on the LMS 3rd open.

DMU team painting yet more guards compartments- this time on Met Cam 50253.

Shunting carried out to release the DMU bogies in advance of next week's shunt.

Another shunting course carried out by John Evans.

DMU stock de decorated and cleaned after Santa by LCC and team.

Cheers MKT._._,_.___