Saturday, 30 November 2013

Daily Report Sat 30th November 21013


A steady day down on Derbyshires Friendly Railway as 55012 worked the Wirksworth - Duffield Service with working heaters to keep our passengers nice and warm.
the Directors had their monthly meeting down in the training room this morning followed by the induction day win the afternoon  where we welcomed two more volunteers into the fold.
Down the yard
 Oaks enterprises was found to be busy painting the Dukes wheel sets
The Lmsca where found to be making holes and Vaseline applied before screwing the third open..
The Dmu team where to be found painting and fettling the cab of the newly acquired 101 .
The Dpg decended on the class 33 and sheeted her to prevent her being exposed to the oncoming winter    weather.
The 5inch Guage oiled and cleaned the tank engine and ready for next weekends santa specials .
Many thanks to all the staff who made the day special for our visitors.
ATB John.


Friday, 29 November 2013

Progress Report Friday the 29th of November 2013

Dear all,

A quiet day of pottering around.

All the best,

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Progress Thursday 28th November 2013

Dear all
The VCT were in operation near MP134 and it reminded me that they had plaudits from the Derbyshire County Council Footpaths Officer for their work at the Holloway Road foot crossing to ensure buggies can navigate it. Their work is illustrated which must be the classic footcrossing that will satisfy all our regulatory authorities and is a classic of how it should be done. We are indeed fortunate that we have these skills amongst us.
I have tried to resist further holiday photos but this one seems quite appropriate to our enterprise so I feel able to share it with you.
The PWT have been denied the oxygen of publicity of late and there are significant events to report. On Monday they formed over 66% of people on site that listen to Radio 3 and on Tuesday their replacement of 9 sleepers on Road 2 at Wirksworth was overlooked. Today they tackled the recovery and replacement of insulated joints south of Gorsey Bank crossing together with a cabinet which are part of the master plan for Shottle.
The dmu team achieved an oil change on 50599, fettled LJB and achieved further work on 55012 so that it is warm this Saturday. Thanks go to Lee who has sheeted the roof of the Royal Saloon so that the is no further water damage through the winter.
The Pullman Buffet Car looked after today's visitors and the Booking Hall processed yet more Santa bookings. The gross take this year has reached £13,400 as of today compared with a total take last year of £9940. We are not in the mega league yet but making great strides with 84% being booked on line - a feature not possible two years ago.Great credit to all who made this possible.
PS - we seem to be influencing matters down south. It is likely that we will be supplying a two car dmu set to the Bluebell Railway for January and February to operate between East Grinstead and Horsted Keynes and they seem to have hired the GWR Collett 5643 for 2014. What will Bluebell take from our ideas base in the future!
PPS - there was a significant turnout of Railway folk for Vince Ware's funeral yesterday that went some way to recognise his contribution to our enterprise. Those of us who knew Vince enjoyed his company and willingness to take on a great variety of jobs. He had our Railway in his blood and will be greatly missed.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Progress Wednesday 27th November 2013

Dear all,

Another 4 Drive a Diesel participants thoroughly enjoyed their day on this sunny and reasonably mild November day.

Down the yard, the LMSCA continued with the Third Open. Today some more roof panels were attached.

The Booking Office fought with the continual stream of Santa bookings that continue to arrive.

A good day


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Progress Tuesday 26th November 2013

Dear all
The VCT comprising six members returned to MP 134 to cut and burn reporting three large fires. They also gathered brash harvested by Rodney in response to a request from a neighbour who declared herself moderately happy with his efforts!
The PWT concentrated their efforts on Wirksworth where they sorted the components of wagons brought down from the south. This included a much travelled portable toilet that has been positioned to offer additional relief at Wirksworth Station.
Mike the Flail tackled the area between Jebbs Lane and Barnsley Lane and the Asset Manager, together with his assistant, tested the track recording trolley after replacing its batteries. The LMSCA concentrated their efforts on the Third Open with further welding of the roof. Fred & Iris gave the Mess Hall a good clean and the hunt was on to see who had brought milk to the party.
The DST tended to Cathryn's valves and Henry Ellison's slide valves together with many other undescribed tasks.
The Pullman Buffet Car tended to today's visitors and the Booking Hall processed a further tranche of Santa bookings..
The dmu team tended to our fleet including the north end windscreen wiper of the Santa Train.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Progress Monday 25th November 2013

Dear all
A very peaceful day with "Tony the Bolt" refurbishing and reconditioning fishplate bolts to conserve our resources together with Dan tending to the Third Open. John looked after the Booking Hall and listened to Radio 3 through the day.
I thought I would share with you the concept of the "Harvey House" that will form the basis of future catering on our enterprise and, if the technology can cope with it, a further plug for the Capital Projects Fund. This initiative is beginning to work for us as subscribers are growing to help fund the objectives. It is only the force of numbers that will help us realise these goals1

Daily Report Sunday 24th November 2013

Another Cold day kept the numbers down here on Derbyshires friendly railway as we held a rather long guards meeting which enabled us to look at the crew requirement for the new  season ahead.
The Dmu team carried on servicing the units and ensuring they are ready for the cold weather ahead.
The duty conscript attended for a short spell and tidied the yard and footpaths.
All in all a quiet day so its time for a nice cuppa and feet up for me.

ATB John Evans 


Daily Report Saturday 23rd November 2013

A frosty start on Derbyshires friendly railway as we enter into the run up to the Santa specials.
The 3 car unit was brought into the station ready for its big clean and preparation to receive our many Santa guests and not forgetting the big man himself Father Christmas.
The Schools team had a meeting in the Pullman buffet .
The duty conscript salted the footpaths and platforms at Wirksworth.
The Dmu team fixed Iris radiator leak as well as worked on the guards compartment on the  ex Strathclyde unit.
The 8f group worked on Cathryn and the duke despite the freezing temperature .
All in all a steady day for the time of year  , many thanks to all who entertained and looked after our passengers .
ATB John Evans

Friday, 22 November 2013

Progress Friday 22nd November 2013

Dear all,

A sunny but chilly day in the valley which saw us host a charter for ex-Coalville Depot staff. Some of them are now retired but some are still working for the railway. Some of them last travelled on a first generation DMU some 20 years ago and indeed some of them used to be drivers. One now drives Sprinters for East Midlands Trains and another drives Turbostars for Cross Country! After a tour round the yard, our 'bubble' and the Class 119 in multiple went firstly to Ravenstor and then to Duffield, where Town Street Fish Bar didn't disappoint.

Back in Wirksworth, the Station Foreman and his colleague continued to attend to door issues on the Training Room and carried out a few routine jobs around the station ready for a service day tomorrow.

The Booking Hall processed yet more Santa bookings. Currently, the first weekend has the most seats as you would expect. The final Sunday, 22nd, is virtually sold out with Saturday 21st not far behind.

An enjoyable day.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Progress Thursday 21st November 2013

Dear all
A comforting photo from the hotel bar in San Antonio to share with you. No weapons were in evidence as our teams gently pursued their objectives. The VCT returned to the area around MP134 as they cleanse this area of tree cover and the PWT dealt with the removal and replacement of 5 insulated fish plates from Gorsey Bank and inserted two of them at Shottle South. Further cutting up of scrap took place at Shottle and steelwork intended for the road/rail dumper modifications was transported to Wirksworth.
We welcomed Amey continuing their structure inspections on our behalf through the generosity of Network Rail and the Filing Fairy continued to attack our paperwork. The dmu team resolved issues with 51505 and gave 55012, our visitor, an exterior clean prior to it entering service on Saturday. If you are a "Bubble Car" enthusiast we are not sure if this will be the one and only opportunity to travel in it as there are suggestions that it might leave us in the near future. It is not as elegant as our own version but worth sampling.
The Pullman Buffet Car dealt with a few visitors and the Booking Hall had a further satisfactory flurry of Santa bookings together with another footplate experience.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Progress Wednesday 20th November 2013

Dear all
A photo for the steam enthusiasts today from the railway museum at Galvaston - I will cease indulging myself in a little while!
Today saw the PWT changing six sleepers between Gorsey Bank and Derby Road No1 bridge as we eek out our meagre resources, track patrols from yesterday and today have covered the whole line and Tony has been fettling fishplate bolts in the Weighbridge at Wirksworth.
The lone dmu team member continued to service our fleet and the lone carriage cleaner turned her attentions to the assembly of presents for our Santa passengers roping in husband and son. June has asked that anyone intending to get involved in our Santa trains to say so quite quickly using this email address if it helps. It is quite annoying to think we are short staffed for people to just to arrive to help on the day. The message is if you wish to help let us know in advance so we know where we are!
We welcomed our Walking Stick customer for a brief interlude and the Pullman Buffet Car extracted what it could from a limited audience. The Booking Hall continues to process Santa bookings as we head towards 100% occupancy.
Having expressed my surprise at the footpath officer's requirements yesterday this was topped by Leigh calling to say there was a man from HMRC on site to query why we are not up to date with last year's tax and national insurance contributions. After being given a copy of our bank statement and a call to Cumbernauld he was satisfied that we had paid and the payment had been "misposted". On enquiring where he had travelled from it turned out that he had journeyed from Stoke - no wonder I am Nordic Blond

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Progress Tuesday 19th November 2013

Dear all
Firstly, a pleasant email from Sunday's driver experience day:-

Please extend my thanks to all involved for the friendly welcome and excellent tuition when my wife & I attended the EVR for my Double Gloucester DMU Driver experience at 1300 hrs on Sunday 17th November. I look forward to the next one.

Kind regards

Steve Lockwood"

Undoubtedly our experience offers wins friends and certainly influences how our enterprise is perceived. Many thanks to the teams that make them happen.

Today saw the VCT descending on the Holloway Road footpath crossing where we had been asked by the County Council's footpath officer to widen the access to permit the safe passage of buggies. You really couldn't make this up but apparently we are oblidged to do this as it is a walking route to a school and who are we to question current legislation despite the fact that styles were provided from around 1865 to 2011 - no buggies then, then!

The M1M were in action on the Second Open and the LMSCA tended to guttering on their Third Open which is really beggining to take shape again. The DST were tending to a variety of jobs including painting the wheels from Cathryn a very fetching pinky peach. The dmu team were assembling and checking the Santa train with an achievement of heating the centre coach of the three car set.

The PWT were small in number and transferred their attentions to Shottle keeping company with the SBT. After some lifting work at Shottle Mike the Flail trundled to Wirksworth for repairs and fuel returning to Shottle at the end of the day.

Fred & Iris gave the Mess Hall a very good do and it is to be hoped that today's participants have left it in good order. The Pullman Buffet Car benefitted from the good, but cold, weather and the Booking Hall had another record day. Santa bookings have now overtaken last year's entire revenue as of today which is a marvellous achievement with some 83% being booked online. We should recognise the in house skills that have made this possible - only two years ago this just would not have been offered with all bookings being made by post or in person.


Today's photo is of our "Bubble Car" visitor and, if it works, a refurbishment project for the dmu team - all expenses paid - at the Railway Museum, Galvaston - a Budd railcar with potential





Sunday, 17 November 2013

Daily Report Sunday 17th November 2013

A cold start to the day at Derbyshires friendly railway as we welcomed our guests for the Double Gloucester  Dmu driver day which was enjoyed by all.
The Dmu group were busy dealing with the unit repairs and sorting out the new supply of parts.

Mike and Brian visited the miniature railway to test Conway and check on the track.

All in  all a pleasant day , many thanks to all staff who participated in making this a great successful day

ATB  John  Evans

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Progress Report Saturday 16th November 2013 [1 Attachment]

Dear All,

It was a very pleasant day down at Derbyshire's favourite branch line. We welcomed a surprise large party of walkers on our mid-day service resulting in well occupied trains and a busy buffet and shop. The booking hall dealt with a steady stream of Santa bookings boosted by our new banner (photo attached). Down the yard the DMU team focussed on 55012 heaters, the LMSCA and 8F group continued work on their respective projects and the duty conscripts gave the pullman carriages a well needed external wash.

Finally congratulations go to eight volunteers who successfully completed part one of the shunting course.

All the best,


Friday, 15 November 2013

Progress Friday 15th November 2013

Dear all,

A leisurely sort of a day where the duo of Lewis and Richard managed to successfully dispatch another 4 Drive a Diesel guests with beaming smiles.

Around the station, the Station Foreman and his new colleague attended to a couple of issues including a leaky door on our Training Room. The Booking Hall dealt with yet more Santa bookings and the station gardener attended to the quad.

At Duffield, some leaves were moved.

…and that is about it. Nice and peaceful!


Drive a Diesel Railcar

Dear all
A little amusement from our experience days:-

Vince Ware

Dear all
We have now been advised of Vince's funeral arrangements which will be at the Small Chapel, Derby Crematorium on Wednesday 27th November at 1340hrs.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Progress Thursday 14th October 2013

Dear all
The main activities today involved the VCT and PWT. The VCT returned to their current clearance area around MP 134 and the PWT returned to Shottle as we make slow, steady progress towards a passing loop there. Both teams make a remarkable contribution to our enterprise in conditions that are often not pleasant enabling trains to continue to operate meeting all our Safety Management System obligations.
The dmu team continued to restore 51505 to health and resolve the heating on our new arrival. 55012, which, if successful, will see this visitor covering our scheduled services on Saturday.
The Pullman Buffet Car enjoyed modest patronage and the Booking Hall processed today's demand for Santa bookings. The latter is most encouraging and just emphasizes how essential it is to have online products.
We also received the November edition of Derbyshire Life, a large glossy publication, that contains advertisements for Santa Trains, Driver Experiences and an article on the Ecclesbourne Valley which is effusive in its praise for our endeavours.
Today's holiday photo is of the ultimate driver experience course

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Progress Wednesday 13th November 2013

Dear all
A gentle day as a small PWT tended to further development of the Shottle loop project and a little action at Duffield to fill pot holes in the car park together with isolating the water supply to the toilet block in case of frost.
The LCC cleansed the rolling stock for the weekend and began to assemble the Christmas gifts in the Training Room. Yesterday saw the Duffield gardeners brightened the Main Line entrance with winter plants in the hay rack planters and removed the detritus left by EMT passengers together with a good leaf clearance.
The Pullman Buffet Car had quite a thin day but the Booking Hall responded to a further flurry of online bookings. Mike Billings and the Komatsu made further progress at Duffield with lineside vegetation there.
Today's photo is a holiday snap, of which there may be more, showing how life has changed in such a short time across the pond.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Progress Tuesday 12th November 2013

Dear all
It is of great regret that I report the death of Vince Ware who is pictured giving advice an guidance to a younger recruit. There have been many messages and remembrances of Vince the Elder's contribution over the last thirteen years all of which mark the contribution and impact he made on our enterprise. On the 8th November 2000 Vince appeared to join the initial eight folk that started to clear our derelict line of the vegetation that had taken over since the last freight train ran. Over the succeeding 13 years he was to be seen in many roles surrounding the renewal of the line. A very private person that you really never knew what surprise he would present and had been a "creaking gate" for most of this time but so determined to make a contribution with many breaks for hospital treatment but remained undefeated by each adjustment to his body. Always good humoured and entertaining to be with he will be greatly missed. Vince the Younger is now just "Vince" and you just feel it is the end of an era. Our thoughts are with his family.
He, of all people, would expect the show to go on and would have appreciated that the PWT were jacking and packing at the south end of the Shottle loop and that the SBT have placed the final two coping stones and were building the steps at the south end of Shottle station.
The DST washed out the boilers of their two operational locomotives, repaired the pump in the pit and painted a few more parts of Cathryn. The dmu team replaced axle seals on the Class 119 and tended to the air drain and EP valves on 55012. Further work on 55012 included the air/axle panel as various electrical faults on the vehicle are rectified.
The VCT had a five man turnout and cleansed a further area around MP 134 with a 3 fire day.The Pullman Buffet Car had a satisfactory day and the Booking Hall is still cooking with Santa and Driver Experience bookings.

Pleasant Comments

Dear all
During my absence there have been some pleasant comments sent in:-
Good evening Mr Miller,
I would just like to say thank you to all involved in making Friday a very pleasant and enjoyable day out.
I hope to be able to return and have another go in the future using some of the different locomotives and rail cars that you have available.
Thank you once again for a fantastic day!
Kind regards
Nick Byrne 

We visited the EVR on Saturday and had a wonderful day.

I wanted in particular to thank Richard the ticket man for his wonderful guide to the track and the history of the railway -  to Graham for allowing me to sit by him in the cab and also to Mike?Tom? the wonderful Operating Officer for the very interesting tour of the sheds.

Once I had said that I was  a fellow volunteer working on the North Norfolk Railway were we given such a special welcome. Thanks to all.

I finished the day by finding some gems in the shop! and spent up!

I wish you all the best as you continue your restoration work over the winter months.

with best wishes

Tim (Bennett)

All good stuff!




Sunday, 10 November 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 10th of November 2013

Dear all,

A wonderfully sunny winter day. We pottered around painting, fixing DMU cab electrics and dealing with a charmingly leisurely charter. One of those rare quiet days when we could admire the progress of our endeavour without endeavouring too much.

All the best,

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Progress Report Saturday 9th November 2013

A cool start at Derbyshires friendly railway as our hardened passengers braved the cold to travel in the two car unit to Duffield and back.

The Pullman buffet had a steady stream of business as our passengers enjoyed the warm drinks and food on offer.

Down the yard the Dmu group were kept busy repairing the electrical faults on the newly arrived 122.

The 8f group were found playing with the Dukes wheel sets as well as Kathryns boiler.

Four members of staff attended the Railwayman 2 course and all were successful .

The passenger services manager  was to be found working on the steps at Shottle .

The Duty conscripts worked on painting the fences and filling in the uneven ballast with ash .

All in all a good day until the heavens opened up and heavy hailstones hit us as we tried to head home.
ATB   John

Friday, 8 November 2013

Progress Report Friday the 8th November 2013

Dear all,

A typical chilly, damp November day. Our usual Friday selection of Diesel experience guests wended their way up and down the valley. Around the station the recalcitrant Gents door finally yielded to reason and is now pristine once again. Would Booking Hall staff please note that it is no longer on a mortice lock, but on the usual internationally famous top secret code, known only to several thousand people, but which I cannot possibly state here in case GCHQ reads this email and comes for a pee and a strip search during the night.

In the shed the slightly damp LMSCA attended to the gutters of the Third Open and carried on filling and sanding the bodyside which will shortly be smooth enough to see yourself in.

All the best,

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Progress Thursday 7th November 2013

Dear all,

A beautiful crisp day until clouding over at the end saw a flurry of activity in the maintenance area. The DMU team were out in force, sealing a leak in the roof on Class 108 E50599 and working to replace the valve springs in the cylinder heads of No.2 engine on E51505. The contract repair of 'bubble' E55102 made a great stride forward after it has been plagued with electrical issues. These issues are mostly resolved now and a successful test run to Ravenstor in multiple with W55006 was made. Is this the first time two Gloucester 'bubbles' have been together in preservation?

The P Way team sorted S&T equipment.

The Booking Hall was busy with more Santa bookings and they are happy to report that bookings are up 111% week to date on same time last year.

Mick Thomas via Leigh

Progress Wed 6th November 2013.

Another cold ,wet and miserable day which failed to dampen our spirits. P way managed to complete cutting up scrap - thanks to Doug helping out with this unenviable task- and the completion of various holes at Shottle.

Drive a diesel customers had an enjoyable day out with the bubble car and class33.

LMSCA had a lone worker continuing with paint preparation on the LMS 3rd open.

Highlight of the day was the completion of coping installation at Shottle. Much credit to the team who have toiled away at this job for year now in all conditions (remember last winter) in bringing this project to fruition. Just to recap this platform wall was in a shocking condition and in danger of collapsing onto the track requiring a total rebuild from track level up and indeed when the copings were removed several sections just fell over. The other option was to demolish the wall and grade back the infill - hardly a step forward. Since two train operation in the future will require trains to stop here  the platform needs to be safe for passengers to use or not to exist at all. The thought of the general public wandering around on a near to collapsing wall doesn't bear thinking about- we have a duty of care to our customers. Although accurate costings have yet to be completed it looks like £3000- £3500 has been spent on mortar and concreting materials- a far cry from the estimated £30,000 for contractors to deal with it . Well done to all concerned you've saved the company some £27,000 and by the looks of it a better job too judging by the other work I've seen on other railway platforms around the area.



Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Progress Report Bonfire Night 2013

Dear all,

Many thanks to Mick Thomas for the earlier update. In addition to those noble works, electrical fault finding was carried out on unit 55012, the steam team winterised Henry Ellison and fitted a speedometer to Number 3. The interior roof was painted in the Third Open, a charming shade of red, and a great deal of screwing took place in the general area of the windows, gutters and panels of that vehicle.

At Hazelwood, the VCT, experiencing a vast turnout in lousy conditions, had two fires, perhaps a precursor to tonight's general celebrations about a sane man wanting to blow up the House of Commons.

The Passenger Department picked itself up off the floor with the arrival of £1,000 worth of Santa bookings since Thursday (Book Now! Book Now!) and the annual stocktake took place in which we counted every movable object worth selling in the Booking hall, and several which weren't worth selling.

May your fires be bright tonight and your Mount Vesuvius last forever.

All the best,

Progress Tuesday 5th November.

After a rainy start the day brightened up nicely with quite a lot achieved. P Way recovered a further location cabinet from Duffield and swapped another pair of fishplates at the same location. 2 pairs of plates were changed at Shottle and further inroads were made into cutting up the scrap pile. Platform builders installed another 40 feet of copings which considering the weather was quite an achievement.

DMU team were kept busy with anti freeze checks on the units and Breeze with further oil changes and maintenance.

Steam team were around doing what steam team does with further action on the coaching stock from LMSCA.

A lot of jobs completed on a cold rainy day.


Monday, 4 November 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 3rd of November 2013

Dear all,

Almost a pleasant sunny day for the time of year. This is the first Sunday of the winter season and we will not be running again on Sundays until the New Year. The absence of passengers brought an air of peace and tranquillity to the line, but we were still hard at it even without running trains.

The Duty Conscript managed to fit some painting in, both of the prospective Gent's Door (as the current one is suffering a lock failure amongst other things), and of the back of the south end fence on platform 2. His efforts were viewed by the Guerilla gardeners, who were going about their digging and we also did a bit of gardening and leaf
clearing of our own both at Wirksworth and Duffield.

Down the yard, the Austerity team carried on with cleaning the various parts of that locomotive as part of its restoration, and began painting the wheels. Nearby, the Wickham Tubular Band, sorry, DMU Team, carried on with their assorted efforts in unit 50235, in which the Guard's Door was sanded and the guard's compartment trim fitted.

As part of the vast multi-million pound plan to make the shed decently usable, now that Rod has fixed the back door, C Lings finished the down side staging and access steps. The DMU spares container also received
the fright of its life, being tidied up for the first time since Emmerdale mentioned the word "cow" in relation to an actual animal.

All the best,

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Progress Report 1st November 2013

Dear All,

First day of our winter timetable and the weather obliged with a cold, windy and wet day. However that did not appear to impact negatively upon our visitor numbers and the scheduled Duffield service ran with good passenger loadings. We welcomed a day with the driver from Cheshire and we were happy to great passengers boarding at Wirksworth travelling onwards to Gatwick Airport on vacation.

Down the yard the DMU team split into two groups, one tackling a broken engine valve spring and the other installing new panelling in the guard's van.The LMSCA and 8F group were also in attendance continuing their respective restoration projects and a small number of volunteers attended a fire safety course. Our conscripts gave Iris a thorough clean following yesterday's charter and the replacement door in the mess room received its final coat of paint.

I think that's all.


Friday, 1 November 2013

Progress Report Friday the 1st November 2013

Dear all,

A day of gradually deteriorating weather saw at least the Drive a Diesel guests somewhere dry. This couldn't be said for the charter tour of the day who couldn't have been wetter if they had tried. However, the event appeared to go well despite the downpour.

Purves Shovellers finished clearing the ballast dock and all we need now is a nice cafe to put on it. The Station Foremen returned to the day's door task and we will eventually get on top of our selection of wobbly, flappy, sticky doors before winter really sets in. The winter theme was rather continued down the yard as the Chief Executive of DMU Operations did his anti-freeze bit.

All the best


Fwd: [wirksworths_railway] Progress Thursday 31st October 2013.

Another pleasant day for our customers with a good turnout of passengers for a half term Thursday.

DMU team were busy fixing various electrical faults and scratching their heads over the other set of heads on unit 55015 which apparently have seen better days.

P.Way dealt with the 3 month exam of Duffield ground frames and further swapping around of fishplates.