Friday, 23 August 2013

Report Friday 23rd August

Dear all,

In terms of progress, today we have entertained a number of Diesel Experience Drivers, who have had the pleasure of the Bubble Car and the Class 31 down the line, as well as some shunting, although efforts to rescue LJ Breeze, which recently disgraced itself, were not successful and a larger selection of crowbars will be needed on our next attempt.

Meanwhile, back at base, the Station Foremen were at it hammer and tongs in the toilets, as well as outside them, and at the main gate and in the bins, all of which needed attention. For those of you interested in classic traction, the flat tyre on the Station Sack Truck proved to be so classic that even Wasser Tyres couldn't find one like it, though we did give them their afternoon's joviality, and we suspect the way forward to repair the Truck will be to cull two wheelbarrows: this shouldn't prove too impractical as a wide selection of dead wheelbarrows can be found in many locations around the yard at any time, usually when you are looking for one that is operational.

Also down the yard the LMSCA's close personal friend carried on with the Third Open, and EVRA's representatives carried on with the other SK.

If anyone has seen the Booking Hall's feather duster, this is a crucial missing piece of equipment, and its whereabouts will shortly result in a national search, though not amongst those members of the Booking Hall staff who have never been seen to use it.

All the best,