Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Progress Wednesday 7th August 2013

Dear all
An omission from yesterdays report was the construction of the steps at the end of the Wirksworth platform extension that completes this job for the time being. A photo illustrates this new component. In the background the Class 119 receives yet more attention to its presentation as it becomes the most coveted possession of the dmu team and will delight passengers that are admitted to its glory.
The PWT set sail for the south and, amongst other activities gathered three wagon loads of logs for sale at Wirksworth. A warming fire was put into 52322 for its work tomorrow and the LCC gave the loco hauled set a clean ready for our visitors. The Filing Fairy also made yet more progress in the records for our enterprise and the SBT completed their second course of stone as this lengthy project nears the work needed to deal with the drainage of the building.
Fuel featured as more coal was delivered alongside more diesel to ensure the Multiple Memories can be delivered. A boiler inspector tended to Henry Ellison that passed the internal part of the process.
Yet another filming enquiry was dealt with and our regular Walking Stick customer returned for a short period.
The Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car had an encouraging day as the weather was quite pleasant again.
A most productive and encouraging day