Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Progress Wednesday 14th August 2013

Dear all
It was good to welcome back one of our regular test customers as they were put through their paces by the Vehicle Acceptance Body. A photo is attached as they neared the end of a gruelling day ably hosted by Mick and Doug.
The PWT travelled south to accomplish a range of tasks including moving some stonework from Hazelwood to Shottle for the platform project, gathering a wagon load of seasoned logs, returning the road/rail dumper to Wirksworth and shunting empty Lowes to Shottle Sidings to await their next task.
The Filing Fairy kept up the pace with her quest to get all our records squeaky clean and Rodney tended to a number of housekeeping tasks at Duffield. The SBT reported that all courses of the platform renovation are now complete together with the return at the north end. They joyfully revealed the most of the heavy lifting was also now complete. The LCC cleansed the loco hauled stock and the Pullman Buffet Car benefitted from today's test customers hunger.
The Booking Hall received yet more driver experience bookings which is proving to be an inexhaustible supply of revenue this year. However, Robin and Leigh have now completed the testing of our experience days so that they can be sold On Line having wrestled with a most complex computer algorithm that will allow for definition of whether the experience is a direct sale or intended as a gift and recognise the combinations of booking permitted. It will also introduce "demand pricing" much beloved by Ryanair which reflects tremendous credit on their combined skills. The objective is to make these products as automated as possible to reduce the admin time necessary to process each reservation. We are extremely fortunate to have these skills available to us.