Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Progress Tuesday 6th August 2013

Dear all
Another most satisfactory earning day with great thanks to the train crews, Booking Halls, EVRA shop and Pullman Buffet Car who all entertained, with their usual skills, today's visitors. Fred & Iris were given their customary welcome as they cleansed the Mess Hall of sundry pots left unwashed but sadly, as I left tonight, a replacement selection was left to be dealt with tomorrow!
A coach scythed into the Wirksworth Yard at 0930 bearing some 29 representatives of the BBC as they had a technical reconnaissance for a future filming job with us. The dmu team spent the day pimping their vehicles for the Multiple Memories Weekend and today's photo illustrates the standard of presentation that the attendees to the event will witness.
The M1M were in action with their SK and the LMSCA tended to the exterior bodywork of their TO. The DST were removing boiler rivets from Cathryn, washing out and stripping down Henry Ellison for a visit by the boiler inspector and removing piston rods from No3 to provide a pattern for a new tool required for renewal of the piston packing.
Mike Billings made inroads to repairs to the Komatsu flail and Richard P gave Wirksworth Yard another dose of weed treatment. Track Patrols were out on their fortnightly check of our "Main Line" and Mick Kingsley mowed the grass at the entrance to Wirksworth Station whilst Rodney continued to do battle with the growth south of Duffield Tunnel.
The SBT reached a milestone in their endeavours with the conclusion of the bottom course renewal and has only 8ft to go with the second course. Some 12ft of backfill was also achieved and Nathan cracked off a number of domestic repairs at Wirksworth.
Quite a busy and productive day.