Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Progress Tuesday 20th August 2013

Dear all
My first congratulations go to Anne Boultbee who is taking over from Dorothy the responsibility for Duffield's floral displays that add so much to our presentation on our property and the "main line" platforms.
The second area of congratulations go to everyone who participated in today's train services including the crew, the Booking Halls, EVRA Shop, Model Railway display and Pullman Buffet Car. A most satisfactory day in pleasant weather where, amongst all our visitors, I met someone who had fired Garretts between Hasland and Wellingborough and then had a complete career change by working as a gardener at Chatsworth for 40 years and now has been retired for 14 years - do the calculations!
The DST have been tending to a modification to the cylinder packing on No3 and the LMSCA continued with the Third Open by painting the sliding lights and repairing the floor.
The Class 117 had a roof wash after oil and soot had left quite a challenge and weed treatment by hand spray tried to improve the Incline. The Filing Fairy continued her valued work and a lone track patrol dealt with the Wirksworth to Shottle section.
A photo from last week shows a large crane tending to the Class 33 where substantial progress is being made to its return to service.