Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Progress Tuesday 13th August 2013

Dear all
The team that delivered today's scheduled services together with the Booking Halls, Pullman Buffet Car and EVRA Shop again deserve our thanks for a moderately satisfactory day against indifferent weather. Many happy faces were testimony to the welcome our visitors had from all involved.
The DMU crew basked in the success of the Multiple Memories Weekend and deserve a real round of applause for an event that worked so successfully after all the planning and hard work that went into it. The steady stream of praise and congratulations is extremely well deserved.
The DST entertained the boiler inspector that signed off Henry Ellison for another year of service and made some helpful observations regarding the restoration of Cathryn. The M1M continued with their high speed restoration of the SK which will provide more seating capacity for our loco hauled set of coaches. The LMSCA concentrated of the TO with more windows being bedded in, the excess sealant cleaned off, ceiling painting and further structural timber work.
The quest to strengthen and weld up the flail head for the Komatsu reached a satisfactory conclusion with tests planned for next week. Another film enquiry received attention with results as yet unknown.
Quite a satisfactory and productive day.
Today's photo shows just how we maintain a standard of presentation for our visitors