Thursday, 8 August 2013

Progress Thursday 8th August 2013

Dear all
A most invigourating day with tills ringing throughout the enterprise. My thanks go, as ever, to the train crew, John who looked after the Gorsey Bank gates and run rounds, EVRA Shop, Booking Halls and Pullman Buffet Car. Tremendous effort by everyone involved.
The dmu team fitted some fancy exhaust guards to the exhausts of the Class 119 and assembled, fuelled, and prepared the various combinations for the Multiple Memories Weekend. It all promises to be an extravaganza for anyone with an interest in these venerable vehicles.
The M1M were stripping the cladding from 4 compartments of the Sk and lifting the flooring of a vestible as they continue with the restoration of this vehicle. The LMSCA continued with their renovation of the TO.
The PWT decamped to Shottle to continued fettling the loop there and the VCT had a two fire day just south of Hazelwood near Milepost 134 3/4 declaring that section complete allowing for fencing repairs next week.
Today's photo is of 52322 moving towards the 1620 departure from Wirkswoth.