Sunday, 25 August 2013

Progress Report Saturday 24th August 2013

A steady start to the day on Derbyshires Friendly Railway despite overcast skies the rain never came so ware soon got down to keeping our passengers happy with the three car  starting the day as it set off down to Duffield with the  10.20.
Henry Ellison was the next with drive a loco deal for ten pounds between the station and wash green.
Iris ran the Ravenstor  service every 30 minutes proving  to make one passengers day as he only came to pictures of her .
The L & Y ran the 12.20 , 14.20 and 16.20 services which again enthralled our younger passengers , one little boy insisted I was the fat controller and was it Douglas or Donald and what had I done with the name plate as he wanted it .
The Pullman buffet and Booking halls had a steady stream of customers not forgetting Pat and June who could be found selling their wares.
Oaks enterpises and the 8f group worked on the Duke and No3 ensuring reserection in due course.
The Dmu group were to be found tinkering with their units up the yard.
The miniature railway did routine repairs to the line and The Narrow gauge was also in operation down the yard.
The Lmca was to be found working on the third open in the shed at least they would be dry today.
  Many thanks to all the staff for providing a special and enjoyable day for our passengers and visitors alike.

ATB John Evans