Friday, 2 August 2013

Progress Report Friday the 2nd of August 2013

Dear all,

A rather pleasant summer day, sunny but not too hot, in which we pottered up and down with the day's steam driver experience guests. In the afternoon the saloon uniquely hosted a wake, to the surprise of a number of ordinary visitors.

Meanwhile, the Private Hire end of the DMU team painted the west side window seals of the class 119, one of the superior touching up activities designed to make it look the part. In the shed the LMSCA and their close personal friend carried on with the structural work to the Third Open and debated the relative ageing of braised steak based casseroles under various conditions.

Around the station, the Foremen attended to the doorstep of the Extra Ladies and this is now more stable than the charming Portacabin that it leads into. In the afternoon further work took place to grade the access ramp being constructed at Shottle, though the application of a piece of string very nearly resulted in the ordering of several hundred tons of additional aggregate filling, however, Cooke Enterprises devised a cunning plan in which a diversion will reduce the work involved.

All the best,