Friday, 16 August 2013

Progress Report Friday the 16th of August 2103

Dear all,

After a short morning bout of rain, the weather cleared into a rather pleasant day. We pottered up and down the line with a number of diesel experience guests and various visitors appeared during the day to
investigate the nooks and crannies of the station.

In the yard, the class 33 team put their equipment under the microscope, having returned the generator on Thursday and there being only a "thousands worth" of adjustment to do with a large spanner and a number of parts, and politely refused the offer of the Passenger Department's  gaffer tape. In the meantime they also charged up the batteries.

In the shed, the LMSCA carried on with their open topped Third Open and evidence of progress was very clear in all parts of the carriage.

Around the station, the usual selection of Friday repairs took place, and the Ladies once again benefited from Nathan's attention. At Shottle more inspecting, shovelling and screwing attended the ramp.

All the best,