Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Progress Mon Aug 5th 2013.

A better day than forcast had P Way out with the works train packing track joints around the Barnsley Lane area with only partial success owing to bad rail ends. What tends to happen after years of heavy traffic (stone trains) the rail ends become bent down at the joints with worn fishing surfaces and battered ends. The only cure is replacement or cutting back approx 30 inches off the rail ends which means about 4 extra rails are required every 1/4 mile and a big job to boot. It is possible to buy a machine to bend the rail ends back straight but can be fraught with problems in cold weather hence the nickname of one particular machine I remember from many years ago called the snapper. Also using this machine doesn't cure the other defects on the rail ends- a problem we have yet to find a solution for. Rained off in the afternoon meant a trip back to Wirksworth to load baseplates and pandrol clips for Wednesdays activities.

DMU team were out in force today preparing stock for this weekends DMU extravaganza with apparently the longest train yet to run on Wyvern metals. A feast for DMU fans so don't miss it.

VCT busied themselves with just 3 members cutting trees and 2 fires South of Shottle.

Buffet was open but was hardly hectic given the weather conditions.

Steam team turned up late in the afternoon for some extra curricular activities weighing the wheel loads on No 3.