Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Share Holders Day Wednesday 24th July 2013

Dear all
The gods were with us on this very special share holders day and my thanks go to everyone who made it work, the train crew, Booking Hall, Pullman Buffet Car, EVRA shop, Narrow Gauge, Mininiature Railway, Class 119 team, preparers of the Car Park loco display, LMSCA and our guides for the Yard tours. Tom gave presentations in the Training Room throughout the event and the LCC played a starring role in running the Share Stall.
Our visiting engine provided footplate experiences which were well received with two of the participants shown. Too much enjoyment!
The whole event was an unqualified success and I do hope those that put so much money into our enterprise enjoyed their time with us. I am also very grateful to all who put their hands in their pocket to increase the capital base of the Company after a not so subtle appeal for more money.
Working away from the limelight at Shottle resulted a further 30ft of wall laid and a track inspection between Duffield and Shottle completed. Hydraulic oil was delivered to Shottle for John Rowland who put some in the dumper at Hazelwood to check for leaks. He has sorted out the electrics and the machine now starts first time. Another leap forward.
The Filing Fairy quietly continued with her tasks as the day progress.
Most gratifying.