Monday, 22 July 2013

Saturday 20/07.2013

A cool summers day greeted us as we arrived very early to get the Classic Car & Transport weekend underway here on Derbyshires friendly railway.
The 08.20 to Duffield used Bubble car 55006 after the 3 car unit decided it wasnt going to start ( soon rectified by Ollie and the gang ).but was soon in service on the 10.20.
The L & Y showed its self off proudly to the public as it trundled up and down with the 12.20 14.20 16.20 services  manned by Andy, Matt and Tom who looked like they had just done a shift down the coal mines.
The booking offices were kept busy with the steady stream of passengers for the steam locomotive   inc No3 driving experience  which was encouraged by the new tannoy announcer here in Wirksworth who even managed to wake up the occasional sleeping stall holder here on platform Ome.
The pullman buffet was kept very busy until 3pm  when all eyes were on the Battle of Britians memorial flights  Dakota as it  again flew down low over the railway Our thanks must go out to the Raf BoB crew and to Geoff for organising it. Well done guys .
The Classic cars . motorbikes and lorries were also appreciated by our visitors our thanks go to Geoff , Liegh and the gang for this wonderful display.

My  thanks must go out to ALL STAFF  who by puttting in such a stirling effort have make this another splended day

ATB John E.

Ps sorry for last weeks report failing to publish Im led to believe its still somewhere in Cyber space.