Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Progress Tuesday 9th July 2013

Dear all,
Firstly I must add my voice to the peons of praise for Geoff Clark and everyone who made the Classic Bus Weekend such an outstanding success. The atmosphere was extremely good and had something of the feel of a carnival. A great deal of hard work was involved at the event itself and all the pre-planning that went on for months behind the scenes. Geoff's inspirational contact with the Battle of Britain flight created our first ever air display - wonderful!
Today also basked in the most unseasonable weather resulting in more success in the Booking Halls, EVRA Shop and Pullman Buffet Car - its quite a pleasant feeling that we are earning more than we spend at long last. The train crew played their part over quite a long day and I am grateful to them.
The PWT drew the platform extension to a conclusion at Wirksworth whilst only awaiting the timber for the Midland Railway style fence - their efforts are illustrated.
There was a very welcome general tidy and maintenance of the children's play area which forms an important part of our efforts to retain passengers on site after a train ride. The DST prepped No3 for its driver experience role on Friday and returned to the vexed question of overheating bearings on Henry Ellison. Cathryn had much toil and ever more sweat to deal with its front tube plates.
The Asset Manager and PW Foreman made further inroads to underbridge measurements. This, again, is behind the scenes work as we seek to evidence that the structures are fit for our trains to run over and we have been much aided by "friends" from Bob's previous life.
Nathan was pressed into more fence painting at Wirksworth and had a very generous surprise from the LCC. What a wonderful mother.
Dmu maintenance concentrated on the Class 119 with its launch day fast approaching. Fred & Iris were heartily welcomed as they gave the Mess Hall yet another good do.
The LMSCA mad great strides with the fitting of the southern gangway connection on the TO and completed the refurbishing of the sliding windows for the vehicle. We intend to use the BTO as an illustration of the restoration work undertaken at the share holders day event and John & Allison have completed tidying the interior so that it can double up as a presentation venue during the day.
Over the weekend a magic part of our internet and till system gave up to the extreme heat and I am extremely grateful to Zycomm who loaned us a replacement and David who rushed off to Ripley to collect it. The horror of having no till was to much to bear.
The Works Train was assembled for a quick getaway in the morning as we tackle the Duffield footbridge task.
The sun induces a feeling of wellbeing that was felt in all departments - I think.