Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Progress Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Dear all
As ever, a great team on site today with the DST resolving a number of tasks that ensures we have two steam locomotives available for service and driver experience days acknowledging the help received from the 8F team over the past weekend. The steam experience bookings continue to grow so that all the work results in satisfactory income for both the Company and EVRA.
The dmu team, after they had helped prepare today's service vehicles, concentrated their efforts on the Class 108 to restore the drivers desk unit and ensured the jumper cables facilitated communication with the rest of the fleet declaring the car fit for service.
Fred & Iris gave the Mess Hall their customary cleanse and ensured the area around our station buildings at Wirksworth looked tidy. I remain ever baffled by peoples inability to wash their "pots", not difficult or emasculating, but evidence of idleness I fear!
Today's service ran well and brought in a satisfactory income and my thanks go to the train crews, Booking Halls and Pullman Buffet Car.
The LMSCA saw further timber added to the south end of the Third Open as the coach gradually comes together again. Further sanding of the exterior will allow a fine paintwork finish to be achieved. The SBT quietly faced the foundations of the platform achieving some 30 to 40 metres and the Filing Fairy tried to come to terms with some new forms that had appeared to have been circulated without being ascribed a number - this is quite a sin!
The Filing Fairy's husband and I met with representatives of Network Rail as we gently try and achieve the holy grail of total ownership of our estate. This exercise was quite positive and there was a will to resolve all outstanding matters. However, this will not be a quick process but the overall impression was that all parties were keen to achieve a common goal.