Thursday, 6 June 2013

Progress Wednesday 6th June 2013

Dear all
Lots of activity today with the dmu maintenance team out in force. The Class 108 was tested in its ability to communicate with other members of the fleet and undertook a few test runs on the Incline in the company of the "Bubble Car". Senior members of the team undertook a difficult job of dislodging an air tank from 50170 neatly located above the southern bogie and requiring loosening off of the brake rigging. The tank will be replaced by a spare after discovery of a pin hole leak.
The PWT continued their replacement of sleepers and achieved another 6 in less than ideal conditions. The VCT turned their attention to the parapet railings on bridge DJW12 south of Idridgehay that had been damaged by a fallen tree.
I omitted to mention that the EVRA shop has had an exterior makeover this week and it looks much more presentable. The M1M tackled the south end toilet of the CK with some success and Rod & Mary made inroads to the SK as compartment ceiling panels were taken down for refurbishment.
The Class 31 had some attention to its paintwork as preparations start to outshop in green.
Today's photo shows John Allsop working his magic on the Class 119 which will illustrate our only vehicle in BR's blue and grey livery.
The Pullman Buffet Car enjoyed a buoyant passing trade and the Booking Hall beavered away at advance bookings.