Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Progress Tuesday 25th June 2013

Dear all
Nothing like a little sunshine and warmth to raise the spirits and generate a feeling of wellbeing. However, a round up of yesterday's achievements deserves a mention first.
Our locomotive hauled stock was shunted to Platform 2 to allow the CK to be completed with its lining out and the opportunity was taken to put a strengthening second coat on the first class designation yellow line. There was a training session with the BSK and SK on the intricacies of buck eye couplings for the guards so that they more easily understand the concept and what to look for to ensure the whole train is secure.
The weed control team were able to make a whole line pass with the co-operation of the VCT with a much needed treatment. Weather conditions were ideal and hopefully we will see some positive results in a few days. The VCT were in action with the fencing north of Idridgehay.
A surprise food hygiene inspection took place with much praise for the cleanliness of the Pullman Buffet Car. Much credit to Angela and her team for all the background work in the physical work to keep the place spotless and associated record keeping.
On to today which saw the DST jacking Henry Ellison to release bearing that have been unexpectedly overheating. This is a long and tiring job that will continue at the weekend. A photo is shown of part of this activity.
The dmu team conducted some essential shunting to permit today's services to run and then turned their attention to the drivers desk in the Class 119. There was also much modelling of uniform clothing that had appeared in the EVRA shop at bargain prices.
The service was well supported and included visitors from the North Norfolk Railway and Chapel and Wakes Colne centre. There is a noticeable growth in passengers heading for Wirksworth and its Tuesday Market which has been the subject of much marketing effort.
The LMSCA continued with various works on the Third Open which included glazing of the sliders, reducing the exterior to bare metal and progressing the refurbishment of the southern end gangway connection. The SBT reported a further 15 metres of top course being laid. The PWT continued to work their magic on the Wirksworth platform extension which is also illustrated.
At Duffield both lawns were mowed and weeds treated with Fred & Iris cleansing the Mess Hall at Wirksworth once more.
Today's train crew, Booking Halls and Pullman Buffet Car enjoyed a most successful day and I am most grateful for their energy which allows the coffers to be topped up.
All in all, a most satisfactory day.