Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Progress Tuesday 11th June 2013

Dear all
A grey day as the weather conspired again to dampen the spirits. Our minimum cost service with the "Bubble Car" on the Duffield service and "Iris" running to Ravenstor ensured profitability with the limited number of visitors on offer. However, the train crew reported an encouraging number of through tickets that will bring benefits in the next accounting period. The Booking Halls at Duffield and Wirksworth looked after our guests and there was a pleasant flurry of group bookings for the future. The Pullman Buffet Car and EVRA shop did all possible to encourage spend.
The DST had a planned visit from the boiler inspector who gave approval to their efforts to keep No3 in traffic for another year and prepared Henry Ellison for its next excursion on Friday. The LMSCA recovered more quarter lights from the Third Open for refurbishment and they attended to the watertightness, if that's a word, on the north corner of the vehicle. Some remedial welding was also undertaken.
The dmu team received a set back on Sunday with the Class 108 but retrieved the situation today as they renewed the auto feed vacuum valve and accomplished a second change of the throttle controller. These changes, which I have to admit are a mystery to me, were achieved by a combination of older and younger members of the team.
Fred and Iris gave their customary deep clean of the Mess Hall and the SBT dealt with some 25 metres of base course and 25 metres of walling in their quest to complete the rebuilding of the platform. Exploratory work commenced to see whether we can bypass the obstructions to the access to Shottle Station while being frustrated from the natural route by our neighbour.
PS - Today's photo is of Peter in happier times as he participated in the opening of the Railway to Idridgehay kindly provided by Neil. His funeral will take place at Markeaton Crematorium next Wednesday, the 19th, at 1440hrs.