Thursday, 13 June 2013

Progress Thursday 13th June 2013

Dear all
It was great to welcome another test customer from Barnsley that immediately bonded with Mick who ensured our part in their day worked very well. Mick was accompanied by an old friend in the shape of Tom Birtwistle who has been reinvigorated for further PW work - we shall see!
The VCT has dealt with further clearance in the area of Holloway Road and northwards to footpath F3. Their patience was tested by a neighbour who objected to their activity after depositing some years of garden waste onto our property. His protestations were not well received.
The PWT carried on with the sleeper changing programme interrupted be heavy showers and today's test customer. The M1M worked on the CK with some ceiling painting and the next vehicle in line, the SK, curing a leaking ventilation cover and wrestling upholstery between compartments to ensure each one was co-ordinated. The vehicle will illustrate a number of seat covering that covers a time line of the tastes of the day.
The dmu team continued to lift the Class 108 with minor repairs and fuelled Iris for the weekend. Allsop Enterprises and Mike Evans arranged the Class 119 to emerge into the fresh air so that it could dry off for varnishing. Unfortunately the heavens opening and the vehicle is tucked away again.
The Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car looked after a number of visitors to good effect. The Booking Hall has a new range of products including a splendid addition to smoking requisites, a Zippo lookilikey petrol lighter with the etched Ecclesbourne Valley Railway emblem. I have invested!
A photo taken when the Class 119 briefly came out into the daylight is attached