Sunday, 2 June 2013

Progress Sunday the 2nd of June 2013

Dear all,

A wonderful warm sunny day here in the Gem of the Peak. The passenger service pottered along in its quietly efficient way and we had many very favourable comments about the railway and our helpful staff.

Down the yard Oscars Painters slapped some mint around and the rebuilt LMS brake van had its ceiling painted white (this is a different LMS brake van from the one that was undercoated on the outside by Matt the other day). Meanwhile a rash of fitters were once again all over the class 119 and a lot of sanding was done in preparation for the interior paint job on its guards compartment. The class 31 received some attention to its exterior which will also no doubt be one of the next subjects for the application of paint. Up on the hillside, the guerilla gardeners strove to get on top of the weeds which have sprouted now the sun has come out.

All the best,