Sunday, 9 June 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 9th of June 2013

Dear all,

A very lovely day here today, which encouraged people to potter around the station and watch our trains go by, as well as some of them getting on.

Down the yard, the class 31 continued to receive the application of paint; the CK carriage had is vac tank repaired and now has exemplary braking; so too does railcar 50170 which had an air tank replacement this morning. In the shed the class 119 received its destination box glass, yet more paint in the parcels compartment and even more trim to the ceiling, at this rate there is going to be a national trim shortage.

Finally, the class 108, little mentioned in these annals, fresh from having a new controller fitted the other day, was in such a state of shock at being run that it promptly blew a feed valve and is now in disgrace in platform 1 until Tuesday, when Fitter Green is going to give it a good seeing-to.

All the best,