Sunday, 30 June 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 30th of June 2013

Dear all,

A very lovely hot summer day saw us pottering up and down the valley with our passengers and generally making an enjoyable and leisurely performance out of running a railway.

Down the yard, the marathon paint job that is the LMS brake van continued, and fairly nearby the boiler of austerity locomotive The Duke was also receiving paint.

Outside the shed, the class 119 was getting what must be surely the last of its parcels compartment trim, and this too was being painted with a very small brush. Meanwhile, back at the station, Oscar was giving the weather end of the ladies a second coat of maroon. Higham Enterprises was found to be strimming around the miniature railway and assisting in
the routine maintenance of the class 31.

Along the line, the access ramp at Shottle was progressed about half way up the bank by the application of a shovel and a barrow with a shirtless Passenger Manager sweltering in the unusual heat and being attacked by midges the size of buses, but ably assisted by Stokes of Mickleover giving his impression of a Victorian navvy. The shirt was put back on
during the passage of trains in order to prevent ladies fainting.

All the best,