Sunday, 23 June 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 23rd of June 2013

Dear all,

A morning of heavy rain was followed by a lunchtime of light rain and an
afternoon of slight dampness here in the valley. The passenger service
poddled up and down keeping our passengers happy and the buffet and
other services contributed to the day's activities.

Down the yard C Lings provided us with a working steam cleaner and the
LMS brake van continued to have its interior seating improved. The Duty
Conscript, having trapped his finger in a car door, possibly while
trying to get into it, was therefore with us in spirit only and so we
sent him to Duffield with a supply of much needed toilet rolls.

The DMU team were reported to be having an "educational experience" in
Wales, and it is understood that on their return the class 119 is likely
to receive the name "Big Bronwyn". It is also reported that there are no
barbecued sausages left beyond Wolverhampton.

All the best,