Friday, 21 June 2013

Progress Report Friday the 21st June 2013

Dear all,

A pleasant, if slightly muggy day, with various experience guests having their experiences of the steam engine and the class 31. In the dim coolness of the shed the LMSCA Ice Cream Team set about clearing the gutters of the Third Open and removing a recalcitrant pin from the brake work by the application of heat. In the CK the south end lavatorial facilities received attention and the recently acquired SK had its roof issues inspected. There was also some surprise walking stick testing and a number of bridges were given a good looking at by the Civil Engineering Department.

Various preparations were made for the class 31 operating weekend including some shunting, step mending, timetable laminating, loop
weeding, fan waving, phone answering, notice making, toilet cleaning and tiger hunting. Oh, I'm sorry, there was no tiger hunting.

All the best,