Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Progress Wed 6th March 2013.

Well, looks like we had summer yesterday with the temp today hovering around 2 degrees and freezing fog, but plenty going on around the railway.

P Way carried out a full line inspection with the Wirksworth / Idridgehay section treated to an inspection with our track recording trolly revealing no defects requiring immediate attention. A broken rail on the shed sight was also attended to and various crossing ( frog ) bolts treated to some maintenance. Some of the rail on our site at Wirksworth is Midland 85lb yard in 20 foot lengths, no doubt starting life around the 1870s on the main line, then after 20 years or so relegated to the Wirksworth branch which after another perhaps 30 to 40 years relegated again to the yard where it has resided till the present day- no wonder it breaks now and again - owes nobody nothing.

Rodney has again been hard at it at Duffield sorting out top soil from a pile of spoil for use in flower beds there.

The lone carriage cleaner was again busy in the DMU fleet.

M1M/P gang were at it with the CK floors which at one point resembled a Fred Flintstone version with no floor and lots of legs poking out underneath.

Platform building gang have this week taken down the penultimate length of wall at Shottle- no mean feat with some of these blocks 2 to 3 foot square, 9 inches thick and weighing in at least 100kg.

John Allsop painting corporation applied top coat to the west side door and window frames with black applied to the ends of coach SK. Due to the cold the paint was applied with a hammer and nails to ensure it stays on during the 3 month drying period. I wonder how British Gas shares are going on at the moment- still, it's a good job we have politicians with enough good sense to put in place an energy policy which forces us to buy gas from the Russians and not utilise any of the 3 billion tons of coal under our feet.