Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Progress Wed 13th March 2013.

A brilliant day weather wise and a pleasure to be out with the works train delivering 29 crossing timbers to Duffield in readiness to relay the North turnout there and 60 dropped off at the side of the line in various places for spot resleepering. On the way back 2 wagon loads of logs were collected for resale but the planned retrieval of rail from Jebbs lane had to be postponed due to our friend Komatsu sulking yet again after many weeks of good behaviour.

Platform builders managed 40 foot of course work.

MIM/P group were in attendance on the CK.

Allsop painting corporation applied primer to the east side of SK making use of the new solebar height walkway in the shed.

Dream steam team were at work on Ellison with a secondment from LMSCA to apply the lining to the newly painted loco.

Messers Newby continued with things electric in the weighbridge and the buffet and booking office were open for business as usual.