Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Progress Tuesday 19th March 2013

Dear all
Be prepared for an extended bulletin today as there was a lot going on! Today's photo is of an Unimog preparing for its testing programme which has entered Day 1. We also undertook a vast range of other activities that I will list but I challenge any other similar organisation to match our productivity:-
1    The PWT organised their periodic track patrol and covered the whole line during the day
2    The M1M received "marmolium", a tasteful grey, which will be applied to the side corridor of the CK
3    The Pullman Buffet Car served its first bacon buttie of the day at 0900 to our test customer's staff
4    Neil's Destination Wirksworth Seminar involved Iris operating three round trips to Duffield and a small sprinkle of paying guests that helped pay for the exercise. Good vibes were coming from the Town Hall and Neil will add to this missive. He is to be much congratulated for trying to integrate our enterprise with the good people of Wirksworth and illustrate a way forward that should benefit all of us.
5    The DST continued with readying Henry Ellison for his launch day, serviced No3 and worried about Cathryn that now seems to need her firebox removed. Fred and Iris were welcomed to give the Mess Hall a needed deep clean, they remain two of our unsung heroes that keep the show on the road.
6    The LMSCA achieved a great deal with Allison clearing up after her colleagues, Dan varnishing, timber being sourced for door surrounds and the revelation that a whole set of new axle box pads were need for the BSK. This will cost a further £600 that will have to be found before the coach enters service.
7    Wiring and protection continued to enable the 3 phase circular saw to enter service in connection with the Duffield platform extension and the PWT moved the timbers to be cut to site. The PWT also greased and fettled the handpoints within Wirksworth Yard.
8    Dmu renovation featured the renewal of the Bubble Car's guards van floor denying the guard a view of the ground below the vehicle.
9    The VCT turned their attention to the fencing and access requirements at Shottle that will complement all the hard work being put in by the walling team who mixed a great deal of concrete today.
10     We welcomed visitors from the Epping & Ongar Railway and the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.
11    A pleasant enquiry from the Keith & Dufftown Railway yesterday resulted in a debate about their visiting steam engine last year for the first time in their history. It appears that the water supply for the locomotive came from the adjacent Glenfiddich Distillery - well!!