Thursday, 28 March 2013

Progress Thursday 28th March 2013

Dear all
As many of you know conditions are not greatly improving but it remains dry as we hit the first of our five earning days tomorrow. Everything is ready and we hope that people will venture out to see the Ecclesbourne Valley in its snow covered state. The Pullman Buffet Car has been charged with providing hot fare to warm the cockles of our anticipated visitors and they will rise to the challenge.
The first of our locomotive hauled set was revealed briefly as it was moved from one side of the Maintenance Facility to the other for completion next week. The photo shows the finish that is being achieved in the most unpleasant conditions. John managed to flatten and clean off the east side ready for glossing tomorrow, weather permitting. The LMSCA have devised a strategy that will enable the BSK to enter the "paint shop" immediately after the completion of the SK. It is difficult to sum up the energy being put into the project to produce three locomotive hauled vehicles within the tight timescale required but I take my hat off to all involved.
The PWT recovered the RUDD from Shottle after unloading it and propelled it back to Wirksworth. They then loaded the completed "legs" ready for their eventual journey to Duffield.
We have invested in improvements to the Booking Hall that will allow our products to be displayed more professionally. All the components were present that allowed Abbott enterprises to cut and fit so that we are ready for the crowds tomorrow.
The Pullman Buffet Car pulled in some of our team and hardy walkers. The Booking Hall, in addition to remodelling its display, continued to develop the group business.
Another day of progress on the most cold of days.