Thursday, 21 March 2013

Progress Thursday 21st March 2013

Dear all
Another energetic day with our test customer that concluded this week's work by loading our three Dogfish hoppers with ballast and returning the balance to the Car Park. The M1M were out in force with Rod & Mary preparing the corridor floor for renewal and other folk continuing to prepare the exterior for repainting..
Mick Thomas looked after our customer until late morning when he departed for a tooth extraction, not an enviable journey, to be followed by Tony W as they completed their day with us. Tony also spent quite some time litter picking which started with the observation of various detritus under the bridge at Derby Road 2. A bit like those people who throw MacDonald's litter out on the roadside that you hope some dreadful retribution will descend on them.
The team responded to an alarm that L J Breeze had failed and it looks as though a loose battery connection caused the problem and I am very grateful for their attention to the locomotive that has a lot of planned work next week.
Within the Maintenance Facility the SK gained its first pass at lining out and the Bubble Car received grey paint to guards compartment floor before being propelled under cover for treatment of the white roof ends.
Hylton came in to warm through No3 to protect against frost damage and the Pullman Buffet car enjoyed the custom of our test customer together with the hauliers that took some of the kit away.
The Booking Hall dealt with more sales opportunities and I had the difficult task of advising all our steam and diesel experience clients that tomorrow was not possible after looking at the weather forecast for our region.
Thus there will be no activity at all on Friday and only time will tell if we can provide any form of service on Saturday or Sunday. This is all extremely depressing as Friday was worth over £1000 and we are very dependent on our weekend revenue.
PS Photo attached of our white gold in transit