Thursday, 7 March 2013

Progress Thurs 7th March 2013.

Evening all, p way was a bit thin on the ground today with just 3 of us to save the world. After receiving 29 crossing timbers and 60 sleepers it was off to Shottle to tidy up the ballast shoulder at the southern turnout with the afternoon spent completing the disposal of old crossing timbers at Shottle North ground frame.

Allsop corporation completed gloss coat 2 on the SK.

Eric and the dominoes along with Rob completed various shunting moves with Eric spending the rest of the day painting the bubble car bogies.

DMU mob fitted the 119 unit with new brake shoes and their leader fancied a bit of wiper motor fitting on the bubble car.

M1M/P gang continued with CK installing floors and making a start with the paint job preparation.

Buffet was kept busy supplying yet more food to the DMU mob and the booking office was inundated with phone calls for bookings, charters etc.

Messers Newby was kept busy sorting out electrical issues in the weigh bridge and we had a visit from a gentleman who will give us an idea of the cost for changing the visual aspect of Wirksworth station in a major way.