Monday, 11 March 2013

Progress Sunday 10th March 2013

Dear all,

Let's not beat about the bush, today was absolutely perishing. We had a 
few hardy souls on the trains and in the buffet for the Mother's Day 
experience and these left very happy, notwithstanding the wind chill 
factor and the circuit breakers going every time the turkey went back in 
the oven.

The Duty Conscript repaired some signs in the relative warmth of the 
Mess Room, and the rest of us clung to the radiators. Down the yard, the
LMSCA carried on with the theme of BSK doors and no doubt once all the 
wood is finally in the hole the weather will miraculously improve. They 
also completed a number of wood related tasks in the compartments, such 
as panelling, and the compartments are beginning to look very tidy 
indeed. Nearby, Higham Enterprises attended to a number of vac tasks and 
painted some tanks with a very stiff brush.

Wood wasn't so much in evidence around the class 119, but work was done 
in the cab; in terms of guard's compartment welding; and also in terms 
of wiring with the aid of a set of wiring diagrams drawn up by a 
left-handed octopus, probably from Swindon.

All the best,