Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Progress Report Tuesday the 12th of March 2013

> Dear all,
> Another day of freezing weather. Another day of chipping the icicles off
> the drainpipes. However, our various groups of hardy volunteers were
> busy about their tasks. At Shottle, the P-way gang fettled the ballast
> around the south end pointwork, disposed of assorted scrap sleepers and
> greased 18 pairs of fishplates. Nearby, the VCT munched their sandwiches
> on a small snowdrift having repaired some fencing, cuts some logs and
> had two fires to clear brash from the north end of Shottle. Also at
> Shottle the Platform Levelling Action Team laid another 60 feet of
> foundations for the platform there.
> Back at base, a tour of the yard found the LMSCA working on the guard's
> doors of the BSK, as well as the hopper windows and the door trim; the
> M1M team working on the CK footboards, the window seals and applying
> filler in preparation for painting, in addition, the floor boarding was
> relaid in the corridor. The theme of flooring also continued in the
> Bubble Car, where the guards van floor was addressed.
> The steam team replaced the piston packing in No 3, attended to the
> lubricators on Henry Ellison, as well as the firebars, the brick arch
> and the fusible plug. In addition the tank was rubbed down ready for its
> top coat of blue. Higham Enterprises attended to some more vac and tank
> issues and mixed some very lumpy porridge on the shed table.
> The class 119 received a preliminary exam by way of fault finding and
> several faults were found, with the Walker-Green Show going round
> tightening things up and the Hodgkinson Ice Dance Team sorting stuff in
> the guards van. Various parts for the 119 turned up late in the
> afternoon on the Trumpton Fire Engine.
> The Passenger Department spent the day discouraging a number of
> telesales people wishing to improve our mobile phone network, our fleet
> of lorries and wanting us to advertise in magazines which you only find
> on the tables of STD clinics.
> All the best,
> Anton
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