Friday, 1 March 2013

Progress Friday 1st March 2013

Dear all
It was a delight to welcome our first Steam Experience customers of 2013 and the product seems quite popular this year with most Fridays booked well into the summer. My thanks go to the DST and John Evans who made this a day to remember for our clients.
We also used today to trial the 4 coach formation that mimics the stock that will  feature on our mainline steam days and iron out various issues such as stopping points and how we might manage the run round at Duffield. This was a most useful exercise and, again, I thank all involved for their contribution. During the journey opportunity was taken for the Board of WyvernRail plc to have their monthly meeting.
The handrails up the slope to the former dust dock were enhanced by extra wood strips to ensure our visitors do not plummet onto the Model Railway container and the Pullman Buffet Car was quite busy with our experience customers and their friends.
We now have all to play for with the season commencing this weekend. The winter has been long and short of income and I look forward to a period of earning more than we spend!