Friday, 15 March 2013

Progress Friday 15th March 2013

Dear all
Quite a busy day with 130 tonnes of white gold being delivered to the Car Park for use in next week's testing and then be available for our use afterwards. Photo attached prior to each lump being numbered!
Another milestone for two members of our fleet with the Bubble Car and Class 119 going out on test racking up some 65 miles of shakedown time. This is the first time the Class 119 has run more than a few feet for over 20 years reflecting great credit on the restoration team.
Improvements to the former Dust Dock ramp fencing moved forward in the damp, cold conditions of today and the M1M made further progress in reconstructing the guards doors of the BSK. 33035 received some routine maintenance and checks ready for its first Drive a Diesel day of the year next Friday.
The Booking Hall was in general admin mode and the Pullman Buffet Car had a modest trade enhanced by the Station Garage team feeling the need for extra large All Day Breakfasts.
We have quite a lot of excitement next week which may be viewed from afar by the excellent webcams.
PS - I sent fraternal greetings to the Chairman of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society on behalf of our Railway in view of the opening of the extension from Kingscote to East Grinstead next weekend and received a warm response.