Thursday, 21 February 2013

Progress Thurs 21st Feb 2013

Well no one took up our offer of free frozen food storage except a couple of East European blokes who wanted to know if we could hang a couple of dozen horse carcasses in our mess freezer for a few weeks but we declined not liking beef burgers etc. Further remodelling at Shottle sees this project moving forward even in the biting conditions.

LMSCA continued work on the BSK with M1M group working on the CK.

Rodney has been busy trying to fix up the car park at Duffield while the DMU group have been pressure washing Iris, working on the bubble car and giving assistance to John Allsop painting the SK.

VCT have been keeping the world warmer with more fires at Idridgehay- pity they can't light a few fires near our job.