Saturday, 23 February 2013

Progress Report Saturday 23rd February 2013

Dear All,

Winter came back with a vengeance today compared to the sunny weather of last weekend. A number of volunteers braved the wind chill and set about a range of tasks down the yard. The early part of the day was taken up by a number of shunts in preparation for Cathryn's planned boiler lift on Tuesday. In the shed Chris and Steve continued the walkway assembly and the 8F group were busy preparing Cathryn for Tuesday. Mike continued to put the finishing touches to the bubble car.

A large number of DMU restorers spent the day working on the class 119. A tricky issue with the fire bell challenged the team' s problem solving skills but thanks to their persistence this was successfully resolved. The LMSCA carried on with their work on the CK and young Matt assisted by changing the vacuum pipe. After lunch a number of guards attended a mutual improvement class which focussed on loco hauled stock and the session proved very beneficial. The Pioneer Diesel Group crewed the class 33 to enable the guards to practice their loco coupling skills and grateful thanks to the crew for assisting with further stock shunting.

In the training room a number of new recruits undertook their induction programme and we wish them a long and rewarding time with us as volunteers on our railway. Finally, Rodney ably assisted by Gregory and Oscar laid old ballast over the mud in the Duffield Station car park.

All the best,