Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday 19/01/2013


After the snow had  caused havoc with the local roads around  Wirksworth  and elsewhere there was still dedicated staff who traveled to the railway and for those of us who who braved the weather arrived to find it  under at least 4 inches of fresh snow  and the locks nicely frozen
But even the winter conditions failed to stop visitors as quite a  few  arrived to travel on the railway but like many other local railways  we coulds only offer them the hot delights of the buffet
A few members of the dmu team tried to deal with the  119 but decided on  a team building exercise instead and were to be found erecting  a new form of residence upon the frozen plains of wirksworth
Some of the steam team were in attendence and were soon busy dealing with the preperation of No3s rods  
Two members of  staff were soon  shoveling away the snow on platform 1 and 2 and made good use of the  warm buffet for hot refreshment as the temp plumeted .

well its off for a nice hot meal and prepare for another interesting day tomorrow

ATB  John Evans