Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Progress Wed 9th Jan 2013

A bright and sunny day saw the platform building team at Shottle complete the top course on the first section with about 75% of the next section taken down.

Pway were out and about but not doing our planned work for today as the Komatsu has decided to sulk with the electronic management system thinking there's a fault when there isn't resulting in the machine locked in limp home mode which is about 1 mph. This is an intermittent fault that manifests itself from time to time- even Komatsu fitters are stumped with this one. Anyway, despite our problems we managed to trip unwanted wagons to Shottle, construct half of the carriage siding extension and grease 12 pairs of fishplates.

Booking office had some success today with group bookings waking up after Christmas.

A lone DMU personage also carried out further work on the bubble car which can't be far away from completion.